LEAGUE Financial Partners is committed to helping people grow their wealth through real estate. That’s why we created the LEAGUE Equity Mortgage*, the only mortgage with no monthly payments, and no personal liability.

The LEAGUE Equity Mortgage will be available for the first time at Capital City Centre. Use it to finance the majority of your down payment and significantly lower your monthly mortgage payments on a new home in this vibrant new urban community. This is a rare opportunity to reduce your dependency on debt, build wealth, and enjoy a home and lifestyle beyond compare.

Benefits of the LEAGUE Equity Mortgage:

It enables buyers to make a larger down payment, which results in lower monthly payments and the ability to qualify for a conventional mortgage at today’s low interest rates.

Buyers only need 10% down. LEAGUE will loan buyers an additional 10-25%, allowing them to qualify for a 65-80% conventional mortgage with Royal Bank of Canada and avoid the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) mortgage insurance premium. This also enables buyers to qualify for a longer amortization period of 30 years.

Monthly payments will be up to 37% lower than a CMHC insured 25-year mortgage, as no payment of interest or principal is required on the LEAGUE Equity Mortgage.

* The LEAGUE Equity Mortgage is funded by League Family Equity Fund Inc.