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The urban convenience, pedestrian lifestyle and relaxed pace of life that exists here makes Capital City Centre a highly desirable place to live, work and play. Major amenities, including Royal Roads University, the Royal Colwood Golf Club and Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, are all within walking distance. So are over 565 acres of old-growth forests, the 60 km Galloping Goose Trail and Esquimalt Lagoon. Having such a natural playground at your doorstep makes it easy to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle year round.

5 Most Common Home Inspection Mistakes Buyers Make

A home inspection is a significant step that new home buyers or renters should take to ensure that the apartments Mississauga offers are a safe place to live in and a sound investment. However, most people fail to understand the procedures involved in a home inspection or what they need to do so as to make the most out of it.

Here are the top mistakes that many people make and why you should avoid them.

Mistake #1- Not having a new construction inspected

The apartment is brand new, so what problem could it have? This is an assumption that most buyers and renters make which puts them in a big problem. Many people tend to think that since the building has passed all the local ordinances and codes, it is perfect. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Not all contractors abide by the law. An inspector is your final line of defense. Thus you ought to consider hiring one.

Mistake #2- Selecting the wrong inspector

When choosing a home inspector, remember that you are selecting the expert who will ensure you get a good deal. Therefore, go for somebody who is trustworthy, thorough and competent. Do not go for someone simply because you are friends or the buyer recommended him. Also, do not go for an individual because they are affordable. Consider the character of the person and their experience.

Mistake #3- Failing to attend the inspection

While it's nice to give the inspector time to do his job, it is also wise to be present during the inspection. Do not shadow him, but ensure that you have a chance to see the issues he discovered first hand. This is better than trying to make sense out of a written report which you barely understand anything.

Mistake #4- Not following up on the home inspector’s recommendation

At times buyers and renters fail to follow up on the discovered issues before they close. Thus, they might not realize how much it costs to fix a particular defect. Often, home inspectors will recommend that you have the issue evaluated soonest possible. If you wait to have the system evaluated after closing, it might turn up to be more intensive than earlier anticipated.

Mistake #5- Expecting the home inspector to be psychic

Regardless of the experience or skills an inspector has, it is not possible for him to see into the future. Home inspectors can tell you roughly how long your air conditioner will last, but they can’t tell the exact date. Therefore, keep this in mind when negotiating for repairs. Also, if you require accurate information, you might want to contact an expert in the particular specialization.

An inspector is one of the few parties in the buying procedure whose income does not rely on closing. They are only paid to inspect. Therefore, they are in the best place to be neutral more than any other party. During a home inspection, remember to avoid these mistakes as they might cost you a lot.